Released today - Bowie at Glasto in 2000

David Bowie‘s legendary headline set from Glastonbury 2000 is out now and I was lucky enough to be there that weekend.

While often regarded as one of the greatest sets in Glasto history, the Sunday night closing show has never been released on video or audio in its entirety.

On double CD, DVD, and a triple LP vinyl – complete with notes from Caitlin Moran, photos of Bowie in his iconic 3/4 length custom Alexander McQueen frock coat, and Bowie’s tour diary, originally written for Time Out.

“As of 1990 I got through the rest of the 20th century without having to do a big hits show,” wrote Bowie in his entry. “Yes, yes, I know I did four or five hits on the later shows but I held out pretty well I thought…big, well known songs will litter the field at Glastonbury this year. Well, with a couple of quirks of course”.

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